Ace was recently founded to capitalize on the advantages of its proprietary oral-transmucosal delivery technology to enhance the bioavailability of Resveratrol for improving human health. Ace Laboratories’ develops small molecule technologies to treat and augment underserved health needs. We are focused on age related diseases and injury states related to vascular health, neurodegeneration, and inflammation as well as lifestyle ailments relating to reduced exercise capacity.

Our technology platform may potentially enable multiple clinical applications of resveratrol as explored in numerous published animal studies.  As an alternative to tablet formulations for oral resveratrol dosing, we have developed an innovative, proprietary lozenge formulation intended to measurably increase human resveratrol plasma levels to those shown to elicit relevant effects in animal models of human disease, injury, and health. We hope to achieve these results where micronized and other solid oral dosage forms of resveratrol have encountered limitations and tolerance issues.

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